Job posting tips to attract top talent for robotics and AI companies

Advice from the industry on connecting with top talent in a competitive job market



An increasing number of robotics and artificial intelligence companies are expanding and hiring as these industries continue to grow. There are also many talented job seekers looking to start or change their career path right now, which makes it more important than ever to attract the most qualified candidates to your company.


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We asked our community for their best job posting tips for companies seeking robotics and AI employees in this competitive job market.

There is a very competitive market out there for all things IT, but especially in robotics and AI. Artificial intelligence alone can help you optimize any kind of business. Try to really show your potential employees that your company is going places. There’s always the “opportunity to grow” in any company, but you should show what the future of robotics and AI is and how your company is trying to reach it.


Alvin Dy



All Home Robotics



It is no secret that it’s a very tough job market out there. There are a lot of talented candidates out there who are looking for the right opportunity to be able to make a difference. So, in order to stand out and attract the right talent, you have to make your job posting stand out, too.

  • It should have a catchy headline that immediately draws attention, and then an interesting description of what is required for the job.
  • The description should be detailed enough for applicants to recognize that your job is right for them, and they are right for your business. If you are going to post jobs in the field of robotics, you have to be extremely specific in explaining what kind of knowledge and skill your candidate should have. For example, you wouldn't include the requirement of "C programming" if you are looking for someone to work in "robotics". Instead, you should be looking for candidates with hardware or mechanical engineering knowledge, along with C programming skills. That way you are ensuring that you filter only the right kind of candidates.
  • Stay in touch with the potential employees, even if there is no need to hire at that moment. The nature of work may change, and it is too late to get people you trust when you need them.

David Rowland

Head of Digital Marketing





Be specific in the job requirements, first and foremost. You will get significantly fewer applicants if your job description is vague and general. You should also highlight, briefly, what sets your company apart and why anyone would want to work for you. Keep it simple. Don't make the applicant jump through 14 hoops just to make it to the first interview. Choose whether you want a resume or an application in the first step, but don't ask for both. Give the applicants an idea of what kind of timeline they should expect as well. Transparency in the hiring process is crucial.  

Daivat Dholakia

VP of Operations



The most important thing that we look for in programmers and robotics engineers in recent years has been their practical experience with regarding to data, coding and AI – bootcamps, hackathons, student chapters of professional associations, etc. We try to gauge their perspective on data science and what they feel will be the biggest challenges for their departments in the coming years that we need to be prepared for.

Even the questions that we ask have become less knowledge-oriented and a lot more result-oriented – for example, how would the candidate help in developing certain products to help the business improve its presence in a specific emerging market. And equally important is how well they understand that work in high-tech industries is not always just about tech and also involves a decent amount of management and organizational skills.

Charlotte Robinson

Data security engineer and blogger

Robot Powered Home 


Job postings for careers in robotics and AI have to be precise, detailed and paint a professional picture of your company to generate interest.

  • Provide an accurate job title. The job title should communicate the role's uniqueness, exclusivity, and seniority. An inaccurate or vague job title will confuse your intended target and attract the wrong specialists.
  • Give comprehensive details of the position. The qualified candidate has a bit of an insight into the job position. However, they remain in the grey area regarding who they will report to, company goals, and how their work supports other roles in the company. Further, clear their doubt about what their role entails daily and how the need for their skills arose.
  • Describe your ideal candidate. This way, the candidates get a glimpse of the type of colleagues they will be working with and a general idea of your company culture. Describe the personality traits of a successful candidate, highlight qualities that are a must for your employees, and describe your company culture in a nutshell. The aim is to block jokers and unqualified candidates from wasting your time reviewing their applications.
  • Share responsibilities of the successful candidate. List the duties expected of a  successful applicant, including whether they will be working overtime and the number of hours you expect them to meet per week. Write specific objectives using the aid of numbers where necessary.
  • Include job qualifications. Outline the skills and capabilities expected of them upon landing the job in bullet form. Ask for important certifications from professional bodies, work experience, and experience of working in your particular industry.
  • Provide an overview of the company. Entice them into joining your company by stating what makes working there fulfilling and highlight your corporate social responsibilities initiatives. To generate further interest, speak about your benefits and perks package, including the salary and opportunities for professional growth.  
  • Last but equally important, provide additional information, highlighting the application process and giving direction to your location. State any tools and training that you will provide. What’s more, explain all your screening processes, including drug tests and checks of criminal backgrounds.

Ryan Yount




The demand for robotics and artificial intelligent developers is increasing. Various statistics depict it will grow about nine percent by 2026. Companies need to post their robotics and AI jobs efficiently.

  • Perform a thorough job analysis: First, properly analyze your current internal compensation structure compared to the current market position. You need to understand the demand of the job you are posting and adequately understand what skills are needed for this job. 
  • The title of the job must be clear, direct, and specific: The job title you are posting must be self-explanatory and direct, which means the person who wants the job will understand the type of job just by reading its title.
  • Highlight all the needed skills: The description of the skills needed in a job is critical. As you post a job for robotics and AI, basic skills like industry knowledge and SQL server integration should be mentioned clearly. 

Jonathan Tian




The competition for top talent is fiercer than ever before. Your company’s approach to job postings can affect the quantity and the quality of applicants you receive. Finding and connecting with top talent in robotics and AI is not always easy but improving the content and reach of your job postings is a great place to start.

If you’re interested in expanding the reach of your talent search by listing your open positions on our job board, please feel free to get in touch.

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